Five travel essentials worth investing in

Whenever you go travelling it’s always hard to know what travel essentials to pack and how to maximise space. You never know what you might need and different holidays will require different essentials and it all adds up. I can end up spending hundreds of pounds on just what I think are essentials. So I’ve compiled a list of five products which have really changed travelling for me.

Pocket Wifi

I don’t actually own a pocket WiFi myself, but I have come across them several times on trips abroad. Often when staying in an Airbnb nowadays, it will come as part of the package.

As I live in the UK, accessing my data plan is free and easy when I’m travelling around EU countries, but outside of that it can be difficult. I went to Montenegro a couple of summers ago and my experience was bettered by having access to a pocket WiFi.

Pocket WiFi

It allowed me to keep up to date when I was travelling. Not only for safety reasons, if I had to contact home, but I could keep my social media up to date. Whilst a break from social media is great, as a blogger it’s not sustainable to stay away too long, so for trips where your own mobile plan isn’t usable, it might be worth investing in a pocket Wifi, or at least finding out if where your staying can provide you with one.

Packing cubes

Packing cubes are a travel essential that have been around for a while now, but I only discovered them for the first time earlier this year. They’re cheap and easy to get hold of and making packing far more easier than ever before.

They are small cubes which fit neatly into your suitcase and allow you to separate clothes and items you want to pack into your suitcase.

In an age where we are trying to cut down on plastic waste, I hate having to carry plastic bags around in my suitcase for any clothes that get either wet or dirty on my travels.

When I am moving from place to place it easy to lose what’s clean and what’s not, but packing cubes have been a saviour in solving that issue for me. They’re waterproof and machine washable so I can put as many wet and dirty clothes into a cube without it affecting the rest of my suitcase. Result!

Hand warmer

I’ve had a hand warmer since Christmas, after my fiancé decided that enough was enough and it wasn’t okay for me to have cold hands 24/7. I cannot tell you how useful the hand warmer has been. I went to Norway in February and I have never looked back. They last hours and take seconds to heat up. My hand warmer has three settings of heat depending on how quickly I need to warm my hands.

The best bit though? It doubles up as a power bank! No need to invest in a power bank, that space can be better utilised and the money better spent. I could warm my hands and charge my phone on the go when I travelled around. It was perfect. I’ve even used it in exchange for a hot water bottle when I’ve been under the weather.

If you plan on travelling to cold countries a hand warmer is a must.

Travel towel

It’s always preferable when you go away to have towels provided. I can’t count the number of times I’ve packed my suitcase only to realise at the end that I’ve forgotten my towel.

Towel’s are the bane of any traveller’s life. Having to fit them in can be a massive pain, but they’re an essential. It’s why, if you plan on going to places often where a towel might not be provided, it’s worth investing in a travel towel. They’re not only compact, but light to carry and cheap to buy.

Portable extension lead

Extension leads are such a saviour in every day life when I’m trying to charge my phone and my laptop at the same time but there’s only one socket in the wall. But when I discovered the other week that you can buy travel specific extension leads I felt that my issues of trying to work whilst on the go were finally over.

Not only can you change the plug socket to suit the region of the world you’re going to, there’s no need to pack any adaptors because you can charge everything through the one extension lead. It’s genius.

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