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A guide to an evening in Tynemouth

Tynemouth is one of my favourite places in the UK. It’s a beautiful coastal town conveniently situated less than ten miles outside of Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Tynemouth is a great town to visit for a summer’s day or even just a weekend. I’ve only been living in Newcastle for two weeks and I absolutely love it here. Check out my previous post here on walking the Hadrian’s Way route from Wallsend to Newcastle.

Tynemouth High Street
Tynemouth High Street

My fiancé and I decided that we couldn’t be fully settled to our new surroundings without a trip to the coast. So last week, when the weather was good, we took the metro to Tynemouth after we finished our work.

Here’s how I’d recommend you spend an evening in Tynemouth. Bear in mind that we went on a Wednesday evening in May.

How to get there

If you’re spending a few days in Newcastle, or maybe you’re local who fancies an evening out, then you’re very lucky. There’s a regular metro that runs between Newcastle-upon-Tyne and Tynemouth.

The journey takes around twenty minutes and the last train home is around 11.40pm. This leaves ample time after work to enjoy an evening in Tynemouth.

Wallsend Metro Station
Wallsend Metro Station.

A day saver costs around £5 for an adult. However, will be less if you live on the metro between Tynemouth and Newcastle.

The high street in Tynemouth is conveniently located when you get off the metro at the other end, with the walk only lasting about five minutes.

Where to eat

There are so many restaurants and pubs on the main high street in Tynemouth, which means there’s plenty of choice over what to have for dinner.

However, if you’re like me and love nothing more than fish and chips by the seaside, I’d recommend Longsands Fish Kitchen. Their menu changes daily depending on what the local fisherman catch. Yes, you heard that right, all the seafood is caught locally and tastes so, so good.

Longsands Fish Kitchen is always busy
Longsands Fish Kitchen is always busy.

Although there is seating both indoor and outdoor, it’s limited and often full. But that’s no problem. If you’ve picked a lovely sunny evening, I’d recommend taking your fish and chips onto the beach. If you’re worried about the sand there are some picnic tables over looking the beach, which are perfect for eating dinner.

There are picnic benches where you can enjoy your fish and chips with a view.
There are picnic benches where you can enjoy your fish and chips with a view.

What to do on the beach

There are some lovely walks along the beach, and if the tide is all the way out it’s a great place to take your children and/or dogs for a walk. There are rock pools for children to play in and an easy set of rocks to climb and enjoy, but be aware of the slippy seaweed.

There’s Tynemouth Castle and Fort to the south of the high street, which was once the burial place of former Northumberland kings. It’s now a ruin, but a beautiful spot for a photo. It also leads onto Tynemouth pier, which is a fantastic location to see miles of coast from.

Tynemouth Castle and Fort ruins.
Tynemouth Castle and Fort ruins.

The other way, heading north from the high street along the coast, has miles of beach. It’s a great place to chill in the evening, or walk along the coast line.

Where to go for a drink

There are some lovely bars and pubs to have a drink in Tynemouth including Head of Steam, Lola Jeans and The Salutation. However, I haven’t been there myself so the recommendation can only be from word of mouth.

If you’re looking for something upmarket, but expensive, then I’d recommend Hugo’s At the Coast. If you’re looking for somewhere to eat after visiting the beach, the food there is also very good.

Hugo's At The Coast.
Hugo’s At The Coast.

On Wednesday nights they have a quiz night, which me and my fiancé had the pleasure of joining in. The quiz was £1 to enter and consisted of five rounds plus two bonus questions. Unfortunately we didn’t do so well (we came last), but it was good fun. However, the microphone didn’t work half the time and the music round got messed up so at times it was a little bit confusing. All-in-all it was a good experience.

Breaded shrimps with salad.
Breaded shrimps with salad.

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